Did you know that most web users give just 6 seconds on a web page before they decide to stay, or go …?

If your web visitor stays, they’ll find out more about your business, maybe even make a purchase and get in touch with you.

If your web visitor goes, guess where they might be going? Your competitor’s website no doubt!

Your website needs to represent everything that your customer needs to know about your business. They need to feel like they are in the right place for what they are looking for, they need to trust your website and what it sells, and be able to easily get to where they want to go next- to find out more or buy your products or services!

Our website dev and design experts are on hand to make sure that your website works for you as it should

What should a website do? All of our websites:

  • Represent your brand as you envisioned- with the best clear cut design and functionality for your business. This will turn your web visitors into customers
  • Work smoothly, with no bugs and with easy browsing- don’t make your web visitors work hard- after all, happy customers are the ones you can best help, and are the ones who will buy from you
  • Work quickly- in this fast-paced age, time is everything- by keeping your web visitor waiting, they won’t want to stick around
  • Inspire and compel customers to act- let’s face it, you’re in business to sell your products and services. Your website therefore needs to, in some way, compel the right visitors to act in ways that help you achieve your business goals
  • Increase your credibility- every business in this day and age needs online presence. That said, poorly designed, developed and written websites can do more damage to your credibility than no website. Ensure that your website is appropriate for your target market, and is accurately written and designed.

Here’s how our website pros work with you to achieve our top quality websites:

  1. Decide on design- your website needs to be the right fit for your entire marketing strategy. We’ll work with you to decide on a design that sits well with you, that you know you’ll be proud to show and that helps your business goals.
  2. Confirm development- the dev part of your website project is crucial. Development works to make sure that your website works smoothly and effectively, and can be used in the way that you imagined.
  3. Quality assurance- this is our opportunity to guarantee you the quality you need to grow your business and market it effectively. You’ll have the opportunity to test the website, and we’ll smooth out all bugs, if any.
  4. Testing- these are our final checks to make sure that you are 100% happy with the final product.
  5. Live!- your website then goes live. You’ll have the opportunity to test to see how your web visitors are responding to your website, and what changes you can make in your marketing to ensure that your website is as effective as possible.

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